What Does It Take To Become A Prosperian?

Recruitment consultancy can be a tempestuous industry.

The very nature of the sector sees some companies rise and some companies fall. Then there are those companies that just ‘get it right’…. and rise rapidly to the top seemingly from nowhere. Identifying what stage the business you’re working in is at in its evolution, is important. You are not a tree so if you are unhappy with your current circumstances you have the ability to change them, without letting fear hold you back.

In a previous post I talked about looking for 5 key attributes when hiring staff: Confidence, Intelligence/business acumen, hard Working, the ability to listen and finally the will to win. It is however important to seek out and hire individuals with those attributes whilst ensuring that they are also nice people. ‘Culture is King’ because of this… we want a happy, harmonious and ego free working environment. Whilst remembering there’s nothing wrong with having some serious confidence in your own ability!

Prospero is considered to be a ‘hybrid’ culture where consultants can work in an environment that suits them and provided they can perform. We don’t just manage on the end result, we look at the process and evolution that’s taking place with our staff. Are they learning and becoming better every day? Are we doing all the right things? Are we making progress and moving forward? If we are… then we can have complete confidence that the results will come without the need to stress our staff out. Recruitment consultants need to work in a happy environment this is conducive to making money, managing through positivity, keeping KPI’s to a minimum when required and cutting out the need for management speak. We don’t want you sat there clicking a mouse until 8pm every night because nobody wants to be the first to go home, after all a work life balance is important. Although with the commission we pay: if our staff stay late, it’s their choice… A happy consultant bills more. All we ask is that you give it all you’ve got, simply put if you keep doing good things, then good things will happen.

Prospero gives back more commission to its staff, we do this because you’re the one’s building the company. We want you to tell us what you need to make you successful and we’ll give it to you. Anyone with the five core competencies can do recruitment it’s not quantum physics! Whether you’re new to recruitment or an experienced biller who believes they are ready for the next step, If you’re interested in working for a business that’s fast moving, lucid, free from red tape and office politics then contact me for a confidential discussion. Offices in Cardiff, Bristol, Birmingham, Chelmsford, Manchester and London.

If it sounds like we’re different it’s because we are. The people we’ve hired have not only earned more here…but been happier.

Success doesn’t come to you, you go to it. Contact us…

Matt (matt@prosperorecruitment.com)


Orginal blogpost sourced from Matt Jenkins – Operations Director – Prospero Recruitment

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