“I’ve been working with Prospero and I wanted to let you know how excellent my experience of Prospero has been.

“We had been looking to fill the role of internal sales for some months. Prospero contacted me out of the blue so I gave them the task of finding me an internal sales person.
Within a week we had been sent some great CV,s of which one we employed with great results. I would recommend that if you have a position that you are finding hard to fill then call Prospero”

“Elisabeth is a fantastic recruiter, she is informative, keeps you in the loop and never fails to be passionate about her role.  She finds roles that have fitted my needs perfectly and has always given great advice, good knowledge of the job in hand and reassurance. Elisabeth has been more than efficient and keeps in touch regularly. Her expertise and people skills, are second to none, She is a professional lady, friendly and approachable. I would recommend Liz to anyone. Candidate”

Over the time that I’ve worked with Prospero, I’ve been continually grateful for my consultants warm and personable approach. I really appreciate her commitment and care – it’s always been easy to get in touch with her and she’s sorted any problem or made any arrangements on my behalf quickly and easily. The work she’s found for me has been perfect – and as a result I’ve recommended other colleagues to her personally. Her warmth, care and total professionalism have made Prospero wonderful to work with.” 

“I have used Prospero over the past 12 months sourcing candidates for our high profile sales role.  Prospero have highly professional staff who are always friendly and hard-working. They are great to work with and I really appreciate the efficient service they provide, highly recommended”

“The staff at Prospero have been fantastic. Not only are they highly efficient and effective, they are also fun, dynamic people who are full of energy. Speaking to them for whatever reason is always a pleasure” 

I was impressed by Prospero’s ability to source good candidates quickly for a niche sales role.  That ability is a by product of their willingness to go that bit further in engaging with their clients”.

“My consultant is awesome and very good at what she does, on the ball, proactive and helpful” 

“I have a lot of respect for Prospero and its staff.  I will definitely recommend Prospero to everyone I meet in the Sales industry. 

“I am extremely happy with Prospero in terms of overall service. My consultants have both been terrific in finding work for me and have been very helpful and understanding.

“I particularly like the way I have been able to develop a good working relationship with one particular consultant. This has enabled the consultant to seek positions that match my experience and profile.  In my experience, the consultants at Prospero are always prompt to respond to correspondence.

“Prospero have consistently delivered a high-quality service since I joined their organisation in January 2011. They offer a very personalised service which enables strong professional relationships to be formed with a small number of consultants. Prospero’s staff offer excellent career guidance and present a variety of job opportunities. They also regularly seek feedback as to job satisfaction and are quick to respond to any questions. Their insight is reliable, honest and valuable”

For more information, call +44 (0) 20 7404 6383 or email us at sales@prosperosales.com